About Us

Professional Dealing Team

SynerWealth Financial Limited (“SynerWealth”) was incorporated in early 2009. The company is a Hong Kong Exchange participant (Broker Number: 3575 - 3579). The regulated activity is ‘Dealing in Securities’ (Type 1 Regulated Activity) and we can provide margin financing to our clients. Our major business focus is securities dealing with low commission rate and advance trading platform being our competitive edge.

The professional dealing team is our company prized asset. They have many years of industry experience and have impressive track record, warrant trading in particular. "Your Choice, Our Service"

Efficient Dealing Platform

We provide efficient dealing platform for our clients to realize every investment opportunity. Clients can easily check their investment record and portfolio through our web based dealing system. We also offer Initial Public Offering (IPO) service to our clients with credit facility in some cases. This greatly enhances our client investment power and the chance of getting allotted new shares

Other than securities dealing business, we will expand into other financial services in the future so as to provide a one stop financial service solution to our clients. Using the advance electronic platform, we will also expand into the China market in the near future.

Top Management Team & Responsible Officers

Mr. Tommy Tsoi

Group Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Ying Fu

Executive Director

Ms. Winnie Lam

Executive Director

Ms. Ivy Fan

Financial Controller

Responsible Officer

Mr. Louis Chan

Responsible Officer

Ms. Winnie Lam is the company Executive Director and Responsible Officer (RO). She is in charge of the company administration and finance function. Ms. Lam has more than twenty years’ experience in the legal field with special focus in company law and ordinance. She also has more than ten years’ experience in business management and administration. She joined the financial industry in 2005. With her rich investment experience and in-depth analysis, she offers her valuable advice on investment and financial planning to clients.


Currently, she plays a key role in business development and to expand a diversified scope of services to our clients. She is a SFC Licensed Representative of Type 1 activity.



陳俊文先生(Norman Chan) 現任匯心金融有限公司投資總監及負責人員, 主要擔任有關資產管理、經營策略以及風險管理 等重要事務,他亦在各大相關媒體接受訪問為公司帶來專業及富有公信力的形象。 陳先生擁有逾25年專業投資經驗,包括全權委託投資組合管理、基金管理、相關分析及研究工作。


於2011年9月至2018年4月其間, 他曾於 Oreana Private Wealth( 前身是NAB Private Wealth Advisory Ltd)擔任資訊總監及董事要職,負責管理所有投資項目並協助公司掌管相關業務,他帶領公司其下投資團隊致力於從事投資組合管理並宏觀分析、基金投資方案及其他相關投資研究工作。 亦前任於Bayan Asset Management,Inc 擔任投資總監及該公司的創辦人,管理公司日常投資及整體營運業務。 此外他曾於PCM Capital Ltd出任資訊總監及董事職位,亦於Altruist Financial Group 任職投資董事,以及在Allen Perkins Ltd 擔任投資研究主管,管理對沖基金研究部門以及他個人也在歐洲及美國當地進行共超過500個對沖基金盡職審查。


陳先生畢業於美國三藩市金門大學商業經濟學學士學位課程。 他曾多年為多間協會及學術機構包括香港理工大學兼職擔任專業金融學術講師。 他活躍於本地及國際多個媒體電台包括 Bloomberg,CNBC,TVB,香港電台,在相關市場議題節目上擔任評論員。